Safe & Efficient Fire
Hose Cleanup On Scene

There is Strength in Numbers,
Let ROLLNRACK® be your "Force Multiplier"

The POWER ROLLER and stowable GO PACK will help at any scene, stretching your crew’s abilities. You can rely on the POWER ROLLER to drain and roll up to 5,000’ of LDH on a single battery charge. A smaller department with three or four firefighters on scene can operate like six or seven. A larger department can safely and efficiently get their rigs back in service.  If you have many firefighters on scene, rigs can be placed in service sooner and on standby for other calls. If you have a ladder committed to investigation, that too can be reloaded and placed in service while the ladder is still up. All hose is reloaded without moving any apparatus. That’s ultimate safety.



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Simultaneous operations get all your rigs on scene back in-service efficiently. Custom packages are available for larger departments or mutual aid. In severe cold temps, the POWER ROLLER will drain & roll slushy water from your LDH.


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Heavy rollls of LDH are rocked into or out of 'racks. No one moves any rigs or rides on any for loading. Hose is ergonomically drained, rolled and loaded.

Back In-Service FASTER

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Each tool is designed to safely speed up hose management. Less personnel are needed for each operation and this means other tasks get done sooner.

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What ROLLNRACK® Owners Are Saying...

“We were able to use our Power Roller for the first time at a large scale mutual aid incident. The host department had 1500’ of 5” laid out. At mop up, we sent for our Efficiency Package to be brought to the scene. Definitely the ONLY way to pick up LDH!”
- Chief Vincent Gatti
Proctor Fire Department - Proctor, VT
“The RollNRack System is excellent! It’s a force multiplier because less personnel can accomplish all tasks efficiently. The safety of personnel is my first goal and this back saver makes their job easier. At large fires, that require a lot of big lines, our out of service times are reduced. It’s very dependable – no problems at all.”
- B C Mike Anastasia
Homewood Fire and Rescue - Homewood, AL
“I personally used the Power Roller last night to unload 2,000’ of 2 1/2” hose and 3,000’ of 5” with one more firefighter. We were transferring from old trucks to new. It took us about 35 minutes. Your product is amazing! Thanks.”
- Russell E. Klassen, Fleet Coordinator
Forth Worth Fire Dept - Forth Worth, TX​
“The RollNRack Efficiency Package we purchased has been excellent! We’re a small department and we use a lot of LDH. Before this purchase, exhausted firefighters had to manhandle LDH afterward. This was particularly dangerous in the winter with slick or icy conditions. Now with the RollNRack System, we can drain and roll all hose easily. We’re able to put apparatus back in service sooner with fewer firefighters. Apparatus stays parked and never has to be moved. This greatly improves safety of all personnel by bringing the hose to the rigs not moving the rigs to the hose. The RollNRack equipment also eliminates having to lift rolls of LDH, avoiding potential injuries. With the 2 1/2” jaws, it has sped up annual hose testing! Thanks.”
- Chief Robert Creed
Moberly Fire Dept - Moberly, MO
“We received our RollNRack Efficiency Package today at around 1100 Hrs. At 1400 Hrs we were dispatched to a First Due working fire. First engine nosed in to a hydrant and the second secured a secondary water source laying out 500’ of 5”. We were then dispatched to a second First Due working fire at around 2100 Hrs. We layed out 900’ of 5” . Let’s just say the guys LOVVVVE the Power Roller and think it’s a “good luck charm”. They also didn’t complain about loading the hose! Thank you and we hope to get lots of use out of your products.”
- Captain Brian Widmayer
Dover Twp VFD - Dover, PA
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“The RollNRack has come in handy after incidents, during work hours, and during training. Our people don’t mind (as much) laying LDH during training evolutions when they know the RollNRack is available to help them load it back up. Less personnel are necessary when staffing is low to reload crosslays and hose beds during station duty. The RollNRack has exceeded our expectations.”
- Captain Michael Stanec
Sharon Township Fire Dept - Sharon Center, OH

Our Products Are Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

ROLLNRACK®, LLC is a family-run business. My wife, Rose, and I will always treat you with respect and give you the best in customer service. Our products are manufactured one at a time here in Wisconsin. We are proud of the high quality of our materials and workmanship and that our products are all made completely in America.