What ROLLNRACK® Owners Are Saying...

Generic Fire Department Shield
“We've been testing hose all month and the guys LOVE the RollNRack System! Thank You!”
- AC Robert Shramek
Lincoln County FPD #1 - Troy, MO
"We purchased the RollNRack Efficiency Package so we could prevent firefighter injuries. Our back injuries, related to loading hose at incidents and during training, have now gone down to zero. Our firefighters depend on it for quickly and easily getting back in service."
- Division Chief Brad Johnson
Training & Safety, City of Caldwell, ID
Northbrook IL Fire Department Shield
"We've had the Power Roller for a few years and love it!"
- Lt. Dennis Ortlund
Northbrook Fire Dept - Northbrook, IL
Tonganoxie_KS Fire Department Shield
I'm not sure even a new engine would be as appreciated as the Power Roller!!!. As a Training Chief of a combination department, we're always battling against time. Using the Power Roller, we've seen a marked improvement in our ability to maximize our trainings. We're pulling and laying more line than ever before and we're able to get our units back in service in less time, with less people and with far less effort. Simply stated it's a time and injury saver.
- Chris Jennings / Chief Training Officer
Tonganoxie Fire Dept. - Tonganoxie , KS
Greenwood_AZ Fire Department Shield
We saw it at FDIC and we said, we have to have it. Well, we've had the Efficiency Package and FASTBACK for three years now. Everyone's impressed with the system. This is one of the best investments ever for us. We tell every department...yea, you need one. We're proud to own it. Thanks.
- Chief Stewart Bryan
City of Greenwood Fire Dept - Greenwood, AZ
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"Just want to say, we bought the complete RollNRack System and used it Monday to pick up over 2000 feet of LDH. All I can say is, WOW. We made an impression on the departments that were there. I was contacted today to see where we got it, so I gave them your info. Great product and thanks for helping them out when they contact you."
- Chief Kip Hayford
Perry Hi-Way Hose Co - Erie, PA
Fort Worth_ TX Fire Department Shield
"We own an Efficiency Package. We're rolling around 60,000' of 4" LDH and at least that in attack line annually. I keep the extra battery pack in the charger all the time so I can keep the roller going all day. So far, so good. We really enjoy using the Power Roller. Thank you!"
- Russell E. Klassen, Fleet Coordinator
Fort Worth Fire Department - Fort Worth, TX
Moberly MO Fire Department Shield
"The RollNRack Efficiency Package we purchased has been excellent! We're a small department and we use a lot of LDH. Before this purchase, exhausted firefighters had to manhandle LDH afterward. This was particularly dangerous in the winter with slick or icy conditions. Now with the RollNRack System, we can drain and roll all hose easily. We're able to put apparatus back in service sooner with fewer firefighters. Apparatus stays parked and never has to be moved. This greatly improves safety of all personnel by bringing the hose to the rigs not moving the rigs to the hose. The RollNRack equipment also eliminates having to lift rolls of LDH, avoiding potential injuries. With the 2 1/2" jaws, it has sped up annual hose testing! Thanks."
- Chief Robert Creed
Moberly Fire Dept. - Moberly, MO
Generic Fire Department Shield
"That Power Roller is an amazing product! We're using it all the time down at our Training Center. With all the hose related training we do, it'll help prevent back injuries. Thank you!"
- Captain Michael Johnson
Tacoma Fire Dept, Safety Division - Tacoma, WA
Homewood_ AL Fire Department Shield
"The RollNRack System is excellent! It's a force multiplier because less personnel can accomplish all tasks efficiently. The safety of personnel is my first goal and this back saver makes their job easier. At large fires, that require a lot of big lines, our out of service times are reduced. It's very dependable - no problems at all.
- BC Mike Anastasia
Homewood Fire and Rescue - Homewood, AL
Generic Fire Department Shield
"Best safety appliance we've ever bought. Pays for itself due to the lack of back injury and workman's comp claims. If you have LDH, it's a must for every fire station, big or small."
- AC Don Askew
Emerald Isle Fire Dept - Emerald Isle, NC
Oconomowoc_WI Fire Department Shield
"I want to thank you for the RollNRack and Drain attachment. It has been a labor and back saving addition well received by our department. This was demonstrated when we had to remove 600 feet of 5" hose from our rescue engine before it went in for service. The ability to rock the coiled hose (instead of lifting) onto the unit was a huge back and time saver. Being able to wheel, rather than carry, the hose over to the storage area and again rock the rolls out, instead of lift the rolls out, was much appreciated! Two members unloaded, rolled, moved and stored 600' of 5" in less than fifteen minutes- without having to lift any of it! We look forward to loading the hose back onto the rig after we get it back from servicing! I thank you again for this wonderful addition to our equipment inventory. Feel free to have anyone contact me for more information or to see the unit in person."
- Glenn Leidel
Oconomowoc Fire Dept - Oconomowoc, WI
Generic Fire Department Shield
"Wow! Glad we bought it. Works great, saves time and backs. Thanks!"
- Chief Steve Meilahn
South Area F&E Response Dist - Rib Mountain, WI
Radford Fire Department Shield
"This is the best fire product we've purchased in a long time. The first day we received the Power Roller, the guys tested about 1000' of three inch. I couldn't get them to do that before even if I dangled food or money in front of them! Great product! Keep up the good work and stay safe."
- AC Rodney Haywood
Radford Fire & Rescue - Radford, VA
Generic Fire Department Shield
The Power Roller performed great all summer, rolling over 42,000' of hose!"
- Brad Budgell
Suncor Energy Inc - Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada
Generic Fire Department Shield
"We are a mostly volunteer fire district with 12 stations and have 1 3/4", 2 1/2", 3" and just over 15,000 feet of 5" hose. The main reason we purchased the units was to assist with our annual hose testing. Most of the personnel hated to deal with the LDH during hose testing. The Power Roller has changed everything! Not only has it sped up 5" hose testing, but it takes a lot less people to do it. It works so well, that we expanded the system by purchasing the 2 1/2"-3" coupling jaws - and it works just as well. Before we purchased it, we where concerned about the battery life. This didn't pose a problem at all. We keep the battery pack charged-especially if we know we're going to use it a lot. It lasts until we're done with everything. We love your product, keep up the good work!"
- Chief Chris Berndt
Western Taney County Fire District - Branson, MO
proctor_VT Fire Department Shield
We were able to use our Power Roller for the first time at a large scale mutual aid incident. The host department had 1500' of 5" laid out. At mop up, we sent for our Efficiency Package to be brought to the scene. Definitely the ONLY way to pick up LDH!
- Chief Vincent Gatti
Proctor Fire Department - Proctor, VT
Generic Fire Department Shield
"We have a Power Roller and it's amazing!"
- FF Ryan Rostad
Columbus Fire Dept - Columbus, WI
Williamsville_NY Fire Department Shield
“I personally used the Power Roller last night to unload 2,000’ of 2 1/2” hose and 3,000’ of 5” with one more firefighter. It took us about 35 minutes. Your product is amazing!
- Chief Michael Measer
Williamsville Fire Dept - Williamsville, NY
Chico_CA Fire Department Shield
"When the RollNRack arrived there was some initial resistance. Following the first use, the resistance was replaced by acceptance and requests for units to be placed throughout the department. As the chief officer who reviews injury forms, I believe that the RollNRack will contribute toward the elimination of back injuries sustained while reloading hose. Thank you for the the RollNRack."
- Division Chief Gary Scholar
City of Chico Fire Dept - Chico, CA
Generic Fire Department Shield
"We tried the Power Roller XL for the first time today and all I can say is WOW! Thanks."
Chief P. J. Robinson
Paulsboro Refining Company, NJ
axcess hose logo
"We have owned a RollNRack Power Roller for 4 years. As a hose testing company, we roll thousands of feet of LDH a week. The Power Roller has proven itself to be a durable and indispensable piece of equipment for us."
- George C. Jones
President, Axcess Hose & Ladder Co. - Houston, TX
Generic Fire Department Shield
"Your product has proved worth its weight in gold. Thanks."
- Jason Langston Firefighter/EMT
Franklin County Fire District #3 - Pasco, WA
Generic Fire Department Shield
"After 3 years of doing the "DUCK WALK" rolling LDH by hand, we've finally convinced the owner of our hose testing company to purchase a Power Roller and we can't thank you enough for this invention. It's so much easier going to a fire station, to test their hose, knowing that we have the RollNRack to assist us. We use the Power Roller for an average of 4-5,000' per day and have had no problems from the machine. I strongly suggest to anyone who is thinking of buying the RollNRack Power Roller to stop thinking about it and purchase it for the sheer ergonomics."
- Shawn Eades
Sharp Testing Services - Magnolia, TX
Generic Fire Department Shield
"We've received the Power Roller and it is GREAT!! What a fantastic machine. Thanks."
- Mario Klijn
Kenbri Firefighting B.V. - Netherlands
"You have a great product!"
- Craig Herbert, Training Officer
Fergus Falls Fire Dept - Furgus Falls, MN
Generic Fire Department Shield
"The RollNRack System provides firefighters with a safe and efficient alternative for picking up large diameter hose."
- Paul Shapiro
Fire Flow Technology Engineer, Las Vegas, NV
Dover_PA Fire Depaartment Shield
"We received our RollNRack Efficiency Package today at around 1100 Hrs. At 1400 Hrs we were dispatched to a First Due working fire. First engine nosed in to a hydrant and the second secured a secondary water source laying out 500' of 5". We were then dispatched to a second First Due working fire at around 2100 Hrs. We layed out 900' of 5" . Let's just say the guys LOVVVVE the Power Roller and think it's a "good luck charm". They also didn't complain about loading the hose! Thank you and we hope to get lots of use out of your products."
- Captain Brian Widmeyer
Dover Twp VFD - Dover, PA
DOW logo
"We have used the RollNRack Power Roller several times- it really saves time & our backs. The last time we used it, we drained, rolled & loaded about 5,000' of 5 " hose. We can't imagine trying to do it without the Power Roller now. This is one of the best investments we have made."
- Lew Benham
Emergency Director UCC/DOW Chemical - Texas City, TX
Generic Fire Department Shield
"Thank you for producing the best hose rolling system on the market. I work in an industrial setting and have 1000s of lengths of hose to test, ranging from 1 1/2" - 5". Not only has the Power Roller cut my rolling time in half, it rolls tight even rolls and eliminates having to walk the water out. Safety is always first and the Power Roller is a major back saver and is easy to use. I highly recommend the Power Roller to anyone that has to roll hose."
- Scott Galbo
Site Protection H&S - Dominion Nuclear, CT
Lake Country_Waukesha CO_WI Fire Department Shield
"I would like to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with the RollNRack "Efficiency Package". It was unbelievable how "fun", and fast, this made hose testing this year. To a member, all are more than impressed. The unit has been placed in service to aid in hose draining and rolling at major incidents."
- Deputy Chief Ken Phipps
Lake Country Fire Dept. - Waukesha County, WI
Generic Fire Department Shield
"I was just talking to one of my service hands who asked me why I liked the RollNRack Power Roller over the Rookie unit that handles 7.25" LDH. First of all, you don't have to lift the hose roll and that’s important for sure. But the hose isn't dragged over the ground with water weight that causes abrasion issues and premature wear. I think that is extremely important as well."
- Chauncey Naylor
VP Emergency Response Operations TYCO Williams Fire & Hazard - Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX
Generic Fire Department Shield
"I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased to have the RollNRack at WCTC. We are striving to teach our students to work smarter and hopefully prolong their careers in the fire service by taking advantage of devices such as this that can help prevent back injuries. Looking forward to your hoseroller!"
- Thomas K. Schlei, MS, EFO
Fire Service Training Instructor - WCTC Waukesha, WI
Evandale_OH Fire Department Shield
"We tried out our new RollNRack with the Drain Attachment for hose testing. One other guy and I tested 900 feet of 5 inch LDH. I drained it all myself. It has never been easier or faster to load LDH. I've had back pain so I really appreciate a tool that saves my back. Thanks for this great tool."
- Lt. Jeff Harper
Evandale Fire Dept - Evandale, OH
Generic Fire Department Shield
"The RollNRack has come in handy after incidents, during work hours, and during training. Our people don't mind (as much) laying LDH during training evolutions when they know the RollNRack is available to help them load it back up. Less personnel are necessary when staffing is low to reload crosslays and hose beds during station duty. The RollNRack has exceeded our expectations."
- Captain Michael Stanec
Sharon Township Fire Dept - Sharon Center, OH
Orange County Fire Department Shield
The ROLLNRACK System has become a key element to the success of our hose testing program. We’re ordering a second Efficiency Package as we want to ensure we have additional equipment in case there’s any downtime, or in the event of a large fire incident.
- Froilan Rivera
Assistant Manager Fleet Management, Orange County Fire Rescue/ Logistics Division - Orange County, FL
Oxea logo
"Thanks for building a great device. It really works well."
- Hugh Billings
OXEA Corp, Health & Safety - Bay City, TX
Luverne AL Fire Department Shield
“We just got the RollNRack System. The crews LOVE IT! Said they wish they had had it sooner.”
- Chief Bill McManigle
Luverne Fire Dept - Luverne, AL