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The ROLLNRACK® System has proven to protect personnel from the grueling tasks of hose testing. No matter if you test hose once a year or if you’re a hose testing company, you can depend on the ROLLNRACK® System. Prevent crew injuries from long hours of draining/rolling or lifting heavy rolls of LDH. All hose is drained & rolled ergonomically. Hose rolls are easily transported & loaded to streamline hose management while minimizing risks to personnel. All reloading of hose is onto stationary rigs and your crew’s quality of life improves immediately. All equipment performs well over all terrain and is in use with water utility companies, the ARMED FORCES and many hose testing companies throughout the US.


Drain & Roll ALL Hose

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Quickly swap out coupling jaws for any diameter hose. Easy to use, heavy-duty equipment will last many years. Custom jaws available for any application.

Protect Your Crews

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Improve your crew's quality of life immediately. Get it done safely and efficiently. Special packages can be built for your application. Add to your system as your budget or needs grow.

Finish Sooner

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Drain & Roll 100' in under 30 secs. Load 100' roll under a minute. Leave professional looking hose beds. Awkward hose couplings are no problem. Larger diameters or longer lengths - no problem.

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What ROLLNRACK® Owners Are Saying...

Orange County Fire Department Shield
The ROLLNRACK System has become a key element to the success of our hose testing program. We’re ordering a second Efficiency Package as we want to ensure we have additional equipment in case there’s any downtime, or in the event of a large fire incident.
- Froilan Rivera
Assistant Manager Fleet Management, Orange County Fire Rescue Logistics Division - Orange County, FL
DOW logo
We have used the RollNRack Power Roller several times- it really saves time & our backs. The last time we used it, we drained, rolled & loaded about 5,000' of 5 " hose. We can't imagine trying to do it without the Power Roller now. This is one of the best investments we have made.
- Lew Benham
Emergency Director UCC/DOW Chemical - Texas City, TX
Generic Fire Department Shield
After 3 years of doing the "DUCK WALK" rolling LDH by hand, we've finally convinced the owner of our hose testing company to purchase a Power Roller and we can't thank you enough for this invention. It's so much easier going to a fire station, to test their hose, knowing that we have the RollNRack to assist us. We use the Power Roller for an average of 4-5,000' per day and have been going strong since June (2009) and have had no problems from the machine. I strongly suggest to anyone who is thinking of buying the RollNRack Power Roller to stop thinking about it and purchase it for the sheer ergonomics.
- Shawn Eades
Sharp Testing Services - Magnolia, TX
Dominion Energy Logo
Thank you for producing the best hose rolling system on the market. I work in an industrial setting and have 1000s of lengths of hose to test, ranging from 1 1/2" - 5". Not only has the Power Roller cut my rolling time in half, it rolls tight even rolls and eliminates having to walk the water out. Safety is always first and the Power Roller is a major back saver and is easy to use. I highly recommend the Power Roller to anyone that has to roll hose.
- Scott Galbo
Site Protection H&S - Dominion Nuclear, CT
axcess hose logo
We have owned a RollNRack Power Roller for 4 years. As a hose testing company, we roll thousands of feet of LDH a week. The Power Roller has proven itself to be a durable and indispensable piece of equipment for us.
- George C. Jones
President Axcess Hose & Ladder Co. - Houston, TX
I was just talking to one of my service hands who asked me why I liked the RollNRack Power Roller over the Rookie unit that already handles 7.25" LDH. My answer was, you don't have to lift the hose roll and that is important for sure. But the hose isn't dragged over the ground with water weight causing abrasion issues and premature wear. I think that is extremely important.
- Chauncey Naylor
VP Emergency Response Operations TYCO_ Williams Fire & Hazard - Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX
pbf energy logo
We tried the Power Roller XL for the first time today and all I can say is WOW!
- Chief P. J. Robinson
Paulsboro Refining Company, NJ

Our Products Are Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

ROLLNRACK®, LLC is a family-run business. My wife, Rose, and I will always treat you with respect and give you the best in customer service. Our products are manufactured one at a time here in Wisconsin. We are proud of the high quality of our materials and workmanship and that our products are all made completely in America.