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Hose Management Practices

Eliminate Senseless Firefighter Injuries

Work smarter with the ROLLNRACK® System. Safely reload your clean, dry hose off the hose rack. Roll up hose quickly with the POWER ROLLER or FASTBACK and get apparatus back in-service sooner. No need to be outside, all you need is about three feet to load all hose rolls from any ROLLNRACK. If you have an engine that needs servicing and all your hose must be removed from the bed – no problem. Place the POWER ROLLER ten feet behind the rig and draw hose off the bed while a firefighter on the bed throws the flakes off. The hose is in nice tight rolls in no time and your bay is open for use. That’s smart, safe & efficient hose management.



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Use the ROLLNRACK® System for hose testing every year. Hose can be removed from hose beds with the POWER ROLLER. Reload all hose rolls indoors off any 'Rack.


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Heavy LDH rolls are rocked into or out of 'racks. Hose is ergonomically drained, rolled and loaded.


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Transport them quickly in a support vehicle or even in some compartments. Save time and get back to other training activities.

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What ROLLNRACK ® Owners Are Saying...

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Best safety appliance we've ever bought. Pays for itself due to the lack of back injury and workman's comp claims. If you have LDH, it's a must for every fire station, big or small.
- AC Don Askew
Emerald Isle Fire Dept - Emerald Isle, NC
Radford Fire Department Shield
This is the best fire product we've purchased in a long time. The first day we received the Power Roller, the guys tested about 1000' of three inch. I couldn't get them to do that before even if I dangled food or money in front of them! Great product! Keep up the good work and stay safe.
- AC Rodney Haywood
Radford Fire & Rescue - Radford, VA
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We purchased our RollNRack and Power Roller in May of 2009. We are a mostly volunteer fire district with 12 stations and have 1 3/4", 2 1/2", 3" and just over 15,000 feet of 5" hose. The main reason we purchased the units was to assist with our annual hose testing. Most of the personnel hated to deal with the LDH during hose testing. The Power Roller has changed everything! Not only has it sped up 5" hose testing, but it takes a lot less people to do it. It works so well, that we expanded the system by purchasing the 2 1/2"-3" coupling jaws - and it works just as well. Before we purchased it, we where concerned about the battery life. This didn't pose a problem at all. We keep the battery pack charged-especially if we know we're going to use it a lot. It lasts until we're done with everything. We love your product, keep up the good work!
- Chief Chris Berdt
Western Taney County Fire District - Branson, MO
On behalf of the Oconomowoc Fire Department, I want to thank you for the RollNRack and Drain attachment. It has been a labor and back saving addition well received by our department. This was demonstrated when we had to remove 600 feet of 5" hose from our rescue engine before it went in for service. While we do not have the electric motor to roll the hose, the ability to rock the coiled hose (instead of lifting) onto the unit was a huge back and time saver. Being able to wheel, rather than carry, the hose over to the storage area and again rock the rolls out, instead of lift the rolls out, was much appreciated! Two members unloaded, rolled, moved and stored 600' of 5" in less than fifteen minutes- without having to lift any of it! We look forward to loading the hose back onto the rig after we get it back from servicing! I thank you again for this wonderful addition to our equipment inventory. Feel free to have anyone contact me for more information or to see the unit in person.
- Glenn Leidel
Deputy Fire Chief - City of Oconomowoc Fire Dept

Our Products Are Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

ROLLNRACK®, LLC is a family-run business. My wife, Rose, and I will always treat you with respect and give you the best in customer service. Our products are manufactured one at a time here in Wisconsin. We are proud of the high quality of our materials and workmanship and that our products are all made completely in America.