Firefighter Hose Management Training Best Practices

Train Smarter & Protect Your Future

The ROLLNRACK® System, featured in IFSTA’S Essentials of Firefighting 7, can help at your training site or facility. Protect your exhausted firefighters when long hose lays are part of the training. Hose management is done ergonomically and is streamlined to protect crews and get back in-service quickly. Heavy rolls of LDH are rocked into or out of units. No one rides on moving apparatus to load hose. The ROLLNRACK HOSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM promotes a safety culture and is considered BEST PRACTICES for hose management in the fire service. The ROLLNRACK® System is built for training sites, large incidents and mutual aid calls.



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Train on water supply evolutions easier. Get rigs back in-service sooner.


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Heavy LDH rolls are rocked into or out of 'racks. Hose is ergonomically drained, rolled and loaded. Protect personnel after they're exhausted.

Work Efficiently

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Layout hose rolls from the ROLLNRACK® or GO PACK faster & easier. Simultaneous operations mean efficiency. More time spent on content.

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What ROLLNRACK® Owners Are Saying...

Tonganoxie_KS Fire Department Shield
I'm not sure even a new engine would be as appreciated as the Power Roller!!! As a Training Chief of a combination department, we're always battling against time. Using the Power Roller, we've seen a marked improvement in our ability to maximize our trainings. We're pulling and laying more line than ever before and we're able to get our units back in service in less time, with less people and with far less effort. Simply stated, it’s a time and injury saver.
- Chris Jennings / Chief Training Officer
Tonganoxie Fire Dept -Tonganoxie, KS
Generic Fire Department Shield
That Power Roller is an amazing product! We're using it all the time down at our Training Center. With all the hose related training we do, it'll help prevent back injuries. Thank you.
- Captain Michael Johnson
Tacoma Fire Dept, Safety Division - Tacoma, WA
You have a great product!
Craig Herbert, Training Officer
Fergus Falls Fire Dept - Fergus Falls, MN
Generic Fire Department Shield
I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased to have the RollNRack at WCTC. We are striving to teach our students to work smarter and hopefully prolong their careers in the fire service by taking advantage of devices such as this that can help prevent back injuries. Looking forward to your hoseroller!
- Thomas K. Schlei, MS, EFO
Fire Service Training Instructor - WCTC Waukesha, WI
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“The RollNRack has come in handy after incidents, during work hours, and during training. Our people don’t mind (as much) laying LDH during training evolutions when they know the RollNRack is available to help them load it back up. Less personnel are necessary when staffing is low to reload crosslays and hose beds during station duty. The RollNRack has exceeded our expectations.”
- Captain Michael Stanec
Sharon Township Fire Dept - Sharon Center, OH

Our Products Are Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

ROLLNRACK ®, LLC is a family-run business. My wife, Rose, and I will always treat you with respect and give you the best in customer service. Our products are manufactured one at a time here in Wisconsin. We are proud of the high quality of our materials and workmanship and that our products are all made completely in America.